Bald Eagle on Tillicum
Beach, Oregon, July 2011
Osprey protecting his lunch.
Lake Pend Oreille, Sam
Owen Campground, Idaho
Panhandle, near Hope.
Many workamping positions are still open for
Summer 2013. Look in
Happy Vagabonds for
ads from across the continent.
American Land &
Leisure has many summer positions and even a
few winter positions.  And, if you prefer to
volunteer for no pay, check out our
State Parks
olunteer page.

Contact for
help finding Campground Hosting/Managing

Left: Moose in Lodgepole Campground, (Uinta NF)
Featured Quote:
We are Campground Hosts / Managers and We Pamper Campers
Pampering Campers
By Louis L'Amour
"Too often...I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day,
rarely of what they had seen."
Workamping jobs are being added, all the
time, to our
Workamping Jobs pages.

American Land & Leisure was recently
awarded a new permit in
Check out their
current job openings.

Check out a SWEET job on the Oregon
Coast with the
SeaPerch Resort
AL&L has multiple workamping positions
available across the nation.
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Moose Lodgepole Campground Heber Utah
Osprey Sam Owen Campground
Bald Eagle Tillicum Beach
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