Who We Are
When we started out in the Workamping "industry",  our first experience was as Campground Hosts in the Wasatch-Cache
National Forest.  We loved it so much we decided to try it full time!
 We have been campers since we were youngsters.  We
have enjoyed it and been lucky to have great mentors.  We want to share all that we learn.
What We Learned
As Campground Hosts, we noticed that we were lacking some "tools" that are helpful in this industry.  Tools like: ideas for
games and activities for children, restroom cleaning tips and fee collection techniques. Honestly, it seemed like a few
campers expected us to serve them their campfire on a silver platter! Sometimes creativity is needed in keeping a sense
of humor.
What We Hope to Provide
Sometimes we just run out of our own ideas.  We love the outdoors and want this industry to be around for a long, long
time.  We want to provide a forum for sharing anything that is helpful to you as park owners and workampers.  For now,
we are focusing on Campground and RV Parks.  Maybe the future will hold something entirely new?!
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We enjoy feedback:
We hope you will let us know if you catch any errors on our website.  We would also like to hear from you if you would like
to see additional topics.  Please sign our guestbook.
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Email us your Tips and Recipes:
Email us your favorite recipe (cooking for just 1 or 2 can be a real challenge) and Hosting or RV'ing tips and we'll post it
on our website with your name on it.  Let us know if you prefer that your name
not be listed.  
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