Poison Oak
Collect pictures of local
wildlife, before you get to your
next workamping
assignment, if possible.
Poison Oak
Collect pictures of local
poisonous plants to help
unfamiliar campers avoid the
Pampering Campers
Children's Activities
There are an incredible number of shapes and textures in nature and they make really cool pictures! Use paper and crayons to make
rubbings of leaves, bark of different trees, rocks, and other cool stuff you find outdoors.

What You Need:
Paper (paper with no lines works best)
Crayons or a pencil

How To Make a Rubbing:
Look for objects that are rough, bumpy or feel interesting.
Hold your paper over the object.
Hold your crayon or pencil on its side and rub across the bumpy parts.
For fun, try using different colors together.
Games and Activities
Scavenger Hunt
  • Find out what wildlife live within your campground and the surrounding area.
  • List the animals and birds, along with a description, on a sheet of paper to give to the children.
  • Tell the children to write down the critter(s) they find along with the time and  location where they saw them.
You can get as elaborate as you want with this game.  The internet is a great source for pictures if you want to include them.  You can
also give prizes, certificates or just praise them for finding all the animals.
Name the Squirrel Program
  • Tell the children that squirrels hibernate all winter.  Those silly squirrels sleep so long that they always forget their names
    when they wake up.  The squirrels need names for the summer and the children can help.
  • If the children are the first ones to get a squirrel to look at them for 5 seconds, they can name the squirrel.
  • Tell the children to be sure to tell you what they have named the squirrel and which site they saw them in.  This is so you can
    tell the next campers what the squirrel's name is.
This is a riot!  You won't believe some of the names the children come up with.  Here are a few we heard last summer:  Chipzilla,
Bob, Speedy, You-stupid-wabbit, Birdie
Orientation Presentation
  • Gather information on treatment of contact with insects, poisonous plants and reptiles.
  • Gather prevention and safety tips for observing wildlife and what to do if you find yourself too close.
Youth Group Leaders welcome this kind of information.  Ask them when they check in if they would like you to present the information
to their group.  Again, you can get as elaborate as you want with this.  Pictures of poisonous plants and reptiles are especially
welcome but just one or two per group are enough.  The internet is a great source.
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