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More RV'ing Tips
Pampering Campers
Save Propane:  Spending time in a cold place....Oil filled electric heater, the
electrical cord you buy to keep your gutters thawed and convection/microwave
oven.....when you have full don't get propane usually......use the
above items along with the standard electric hot plate to save your gas.......We
used the heat tape on our water hose and under the RV and near holding tanks to
keep everything thawed and moving.
Mail Forwarding:  The US Post Office will now forward all first class mail for a
"temporary move" for up to 6 months (magazines for 2 months).  This service is
ADDRESS ORDER form; entering your date to discontinue.  Visit or your
local PO for further information. Note: Magazines are only forwarded for 2 months.
Save Propane:  Use electric cooking appliances like a hot plate or an electric fry
pan when you have electricity available.  A lot of RV's now come with a water
heater that can use either propane or electricity.  Look for a switch on the heater
Extra Storage :  Carry a small, 2-man tent with you.  You can use it for extra
storage room to keep things out of sight and dry.  The tent looks more appealing
in the campground setting than a tarp.  It takes up little space and can be used as
a spare bedroom for guests as well as emergency lodging if needed.
Budgeting Space :  Rules for purchasing - You buy it, you find a place to store it.
Slideout Maintenance :  Clean Slide-out roof before sliding them in.  Spray rubber
seals with Armorall or silicone spray to keep them from sticking.
Tire Maintenance :  High temperatures of tires are the primary cause of blowouts.  
Greased wheel bearings and tire pressure are two critical things to keeping the
tire temperature down.  If you are workamping at least half the year, greasing the
wheel bearings once a year is probably enough.  However, if you are travelling a
lot, every 6 months is recommended.  Check the tire pressure every time you have
air available.  You can lower the tire pressure, when you are not towing, for a
smoother ride.
Computing :  Laptop computers are better for RV'ing than the regular desktop
varieties for more than the obvious smaller and lighter reasons.  The battery pack
in a laptop also acts as a surge protector when plugged in.  Also, the LCD display
draws less power than a conventional monitor.
TV's :  LCD TV's save space and weight.  You can gain a whole new cabinet full of
space by replacing your conventional television with an LCD.
Convection/Microwave Oven:  A lot of motorhomes already come with this
feature.  Trailers, however, are lagging behind in this technology.  Replacing your
microwave oven with a convection/microwave oven provides the ability to use
electricity for even browning and baking.
Vent Fans :  Solar powered vent fans, found at your local hardware store or
wholesale home improvement store, are great energy savers.
Compressors :  The Hausfeld-Campbell air compressor is a great little item to
carry in the RV for just around $40.  It is rechargeable, has an automatic shutoff
and you can pump up several of the biggest tires on a single recharge.  It will run
off 110 or 12 volt or its own batteries.  And it has a working light for convenience.
Teflon Pad :  Use a teflon pad on your 5th Wheel kingpin.  It cushions and acts as
a lubricant without the messy, dirt-attracting grease.
Anti-theft Kingpin:  Using a kingpin brace when parked for an extended period of
time helps stabilize the front.  It also serves as an anti-theft device if you add a lock
to it.  If you do not have a brace or stabilizer, just wrap a chain around the kingpin
and lock it in place.  This makes connection to the hitch impossible.
Leveling:  The refrigerator is the most important part of your RV to have level.  
Before attaching any bubble levels to the outside of the rig, level the refrigerator
with a round, bullseye level set inside.  After you get that level, attach your bubble
levels onto the outside of the RV.  This will ensure that your refrigerator is always
Safety/Security Lighting:  Add a wireless motion sensor to a light underneath
your RV when parked.  Motion sensor lighting is used on homes as a security
feature, why not your RV?  Find these at your local home improvement warehouse,
hardware store or discount store.
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