Baby girl talks to baby bird
Girls camping with moose
Babies are Connected:
Our granddaughter is talking
to the baby bird on the edge of
the fire pit.  Instinctively, she
knows not to touch.
Toy Moose?
No, it's a real moose as a
backdrop for our daughter
and granddaughter.
Tips 'n Tricks
Pampering Campers
Campground Hosting
Need a Change in the RV?  Try rearranging the furniture.  Unbolt the table or the
sofa and try it out.  You may get more room!
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Recipes of the month:                Brian's Baked Onions
Large onions of your favorite variety - one per person
Butter or margarine
Beef bouillon cubes - one per onion

Remove dry outer layer.  Slice off the ends.  Core out small amount from top of
onion.  Put one bouillon cube and pat of butter in core.  Wrap in foil.  Set on grill,
offset of fire, or bake in oven at 350 for 1 – 1 ½ hours.  I never thought I'd eat a
whole onion, as a side dish, but I couldn't stop myself!

Carol's Lemon Cookies
1 Lemon Supreme Cake Mix                        ½ C oil
2 eggs (room temperature)

Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Lightly grease cookie sheets.  Make the
dough in walnut size balls.  Press a pecan in the middle of each ball before
baking.  Bake 350F, 7 – 10 minutes, just until lightly brown around edges.  Leave
enough space between each ball because cookies will spread.  I love soft
cookies!  We had these without the nuts and they were yummy!

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Engage the kids:  When the children are at ease, the parents have a good time.  
Print up a few mailing labels with, "Assistant Campground Host" and space for the
child's name.  While the parent writes names on the labels, have the children take
the 'oath', saying 'Yes' to each question.  Customize and add your own personality.
                Do you promise to:
                           - maintain a clean campsite?
                           - protect the forest?
                           - do not feed the wildlife?
                           - listen to Mom and Dad?
                           - and above all, HAVE FUN?
Have the parent put the tag on the child's shirt to make it official.
   Thanks, Brian and Carol, for the fun idea!!!
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PamperingCampers Business Card