Camping is one of the best outdoor activity especially if you go out with friends to cheer you up through the night or with a companion to enjoy every moment. Every once in our busy lives, we need something to break the monotony: especially if you’re doing the same work routine all year long, then camping is your savior. Depending on how long you want to camp out or the size of people you are camping together, you will need the proper equipment to make your camping exciting. A budget for two is estimated, and necessary items needed to be tagged along with explained.

One 2-Person tent on Amazon retails

One 2-Person tent on Amazon retails at about $90, but there is a variety to choose from. It’s advisable to go for the most quality one because you never know what mother nature has planned, especially since camping will be done outdoors. Don’t compromise quality when it comes to where you will be spending your night, this will determine whether you will have a quality experience. For two, if you are planning on staying over the weekend, food and beverages won’t cost more than $50. Go for imperishable foods that won’t take long to cook or require deep-freezing, snacks are recommended with some extra vegetables. For the fans of beer, buy them in cans considering they are of lighter weight, unlike bottles that add to the weight.

Cost of a Camping Trip

Outdoor camping goes along with trekking, if you are going outdoors, then dress like an outdoor person. Good quality shoes retail at $30, stretchable pants, Loosen Tops, caps, and sweatshirts will average $65. Clothing has to be light if camping is in summer, the overhead sun will be a thrill, but don’t be in thick tight apparel when it happens. A sleeping bag is going for $70 in Walmart, but a cheap one that retails for half price is available too. A lantern, flashlight, knife, multitool, and lighter are what spark the camping experience. They are essentials utilities that will see you through, and all can be bought for less than $40.

The total budget for two, inclusive of miscellaneous and gas money, will cost less than $400, but if on a fixed budget, then second-hand at eBay will bring down the price down by half. The best way to enjoy camping is to have all that is needed at your disposal, therefore, make preparations a week before heading out. Additionally, there are YouTube videos that will teach various ways of mitigating challenges during camping.