The feasibility of living in a tent all year round is plausible, but so many factors have to be considered before setting up a proper tent that will stand all the wear and tear of outdoors. Living in a tent for a year is not an easy fate and a task that most will give in when the going gets tough. It has to come from someone’s passion for it to be an achievable undertaking or otherwise will be a year full of misery for the camper.

The canvas tent has a durability

The canvas tent has a durability of more than a year if well taken care of, plus fixing tears resulting from worn-out parts is easy, it only requires patches, and this can be done using any other canvas material of the same color. Additionally, warming a canvas tent using stoves is easy, unlike nylon tents which require a longer period of heating for heat to be felt across the room. Nylon tents are not made for this type of expedition, they are for shorter camping duration and those pitching as they move.

Living in a Tent All Year Round Is Plausible

A year of staying in a tent requires proper planning for at least a month before embarking on it. You have to choose the best location where you will pitch your tent, but if you are mobile, then consider caravans or resorts that offer camping spaces. The locations have to be secured, considering breaking into a tent is easy, and since you are staying all year round, you will be tagging your valuables. If you’re protective of your valuables, then cementing a safe box in the ground is recommended, or don’t carry something you won’t afford to lose.

The best way to enjoy a whole year of living in a tent is to have a big tent with all the essentials and necessities packed in it. A 10-man tent has enough space to pack in furniture and additional space to act as a living room. Cramping all things in one space will surely create a monotonous environment that will eventually end your stay in a tent. The extra space can also act as an additional room if you’re intending on bringing another person to rejuvenate moods inside a tent. Living in a tent all year round is possible if you’re driven by passion and know how to do it right. It may be a bit challenging as you start, but good preparation coupled with pitching in a safe environment will help you adapt quickly.