Whether it’s a vacation or a trip with friends visiting the great outdoors requires planning, and the most basic thing to take with you is a tent. You can make both good and bad memories of an experience in a tent. Tents come in different sizes and designs, picking one that’s suitable to your needs can be a hustle. As soon as you enter a tent shop, you’ll realize there are several options, but only one is the best. The REI grand tent is the all-around camping tent with the best value, and in this piece, we’ll look at the features that make it the best. Price matters and the tent has to be affordable, of course, tents can be expensive, reaching prices of up to $500. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun without paying a fortune, as the REI tent costs just under $350.

The REI is designed to be

The REI is designed to be versatile, so campers don’t have to buy two or more tents. It can be used for both front country camping and backcountry trekking, among other activities. Besides, having several single-purpose tents can take up a lot of space which you can reduce by having just one multipurpose tent. Space is a significant factor to consider when buying a tent, it should be spacious enough for you plus friends or family. You may also consider a tent tall enough to stand up inside, the REI tent has ample space to fit up to four people. There is room for standing up while in the tent to enjoy camping with friends/family. Setting up larger tents can sometimes be complicated than smaller tents.

Sometimes campers have to practice setting

Sometimes campers have to practice setting up their tents at home to avoid confusion while at the campsite. But with REI setting up a tent is easier thanks to a user-friendly design which makes it easy to set up. Therefore, you can wave goodbye to frustrations that may result from the confusion of setting up a tent. Larger tents can be cumbersome to carry, especially when you have other camping essentials due to their sizes. That, however, is no issue when you have the REI thanks to its lightweight nature, it’s compact enough to fit inside your camping bag along with other essentials. The REI tent poles are made from high-quality material to keep them durable and prevent them from breaking.

The Best Camping Tent

It has two doors, one in the front of the tent and the other in the back, for you to easily come in/out. Smooth zippers are included for easy opening and closing of the tent. Sometimes the zipper may get stuck while trying to open or close the tent frustrating a camper. To avoid such frustrations, get yourself an REI tent that guarantees smoothness. Some tents can be suffocating to stay in since they lack proper ventilation, but REI has proper ventilation to circulate air. There’s a room divider to ensure privacy for those who like to keep to themselves. They have good pockets for you to store some of the camping equipment you brought.

The tents have different models to cater to a whole family or a single person camping trip. They come in a variety of colors to fit the different tastes of colors of campers. There’s the obvious risk of rain while at the campsite, and to ensure you don’t get drenched, the clothing material is waterproof, which also keeps your equipment dry. Comfort doesn’t have to be expensive, and the REI tent guarantees you comfort at an affordable price. Looks can be deceiving, a stylish tent may be appealing to the eyes, but it may not be functional enough for your needs. Tents with poles that can be bent are not only stylish they make it easier to set up. In case of strong winds, it has a crisscrossing pole that holds your tent firm to the ground.

Its base cover is made of soft material, which will act as insulation for your bedding. Sometimes it can get too cold that the ground becomes cold, and your bedding may get cold as well. Don’t just go for something ornamental, rather go for a functional tent. That way, you’ll have good memories since you won’t have to worry about space, bad weather, or frustrations from setting up camp.